Find Who Unfollowed You on Instagram [ Unfollowgram]

Like most social media platforms; the number of followers you have on Instagram is an indicator of your popularity and your extent of reach-out. You can effortlessly know the number of people following you on the platform. But sometimes you see the number diminishing instead of increasing. It is as if someone gave you a […]

How to Clear Instagram Search History On APP & PC (New Update 2019)

As is the norm with any social media platform; any user’s activity is recorded within the site. Instagram does the same. It uses the data for various purposes like to know the users’ interest; the section they use most and various other inferences. However, many feel it as a breach of their privacy as they […]

Best Instagram Alternatives [ Top Photo Sharing Apps]

With over one billion users, Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photo-sharing and editing application as well as a social platform for sharing your clips and shots. Despite its popularity and undisputable leadership; it need not be of your choice or the perfect app to cater to your needs. Moreover, the recent changes in the […]